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Civil Noth provides complete Civil Engineering design services for private, Provincial, and Municipal Government clients. Civil North has the personnel and resources to provide a vast array of engineering services; we have continued to expand our services and working relationships in the following sectors.



Civil North offers Civil Engineering services with a focus on transportation infrastructure, municipal infrastructure and land development. Our services range from preliminary planning through to construction completion. Specific services include:

  • Roadway Corridor Design

  • Asset Management Plans

  • Stormwater Management

  • Site Servicing (water, sewer, storm)

  • Land Use Planning

  • Infrastructure Studies

  • Erosion and Sediment Control

  • Onsite Wastewater Design

  • Traffic Management Plan


Civil North provides Forestry Services to BCTS, FLNRO, sawmills, and mining projects. Our wide range of Forestry Services include:

  • Road Assessment and Design

  • Culvert Assessment and Design

  • ROW Design

  • Activation/Deactivation Prescriptions

  • Erosion Remediation Prescriptions

  • Slope Stability Assessments and Design


Civil North offers engineering services to pipeline construction clients. Our specialized list of services include:

  • ROW Grading Design

  • Pipe Bending Design

  • Survey Management

  • Bridge Design and Certifications

  • Quantity Tracking

  • Steep Slope Assessments

  • Winching and Heavy Lift Design

  • Camp and Pipe Yard Design

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