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Civil North provides aggregate screening, crushing, supply, and delivery services to construction projects across BC. Our fleet of modern tridem gravel trucks can deliver gravel from our pit or any other location required for a project. With the expertise of our engineering division and screening/crushing equipment, we can provide any type of processed aggregate required for a project.


Desousa Pit is located 7km from the Village of Fraser Lake. Our aggregate products meet the standards required and specified by the Ministry of Transportation.

Materials List:

  • 75mm (3") Minus - MOTi SGSB Spec

  • Sand

  • 4.75mm Minus Manufactured Fines

  • 50mm (2") Fractured Rock

  • 70mm (3") Fractured Rock

  • 100mm (4") Fractured Rock

  • 125mm (5") Fractured Rock

  • 100mm - 300mm (4"-12") River Stone

  • 25mm (1") Minus Drain Rock

  • 25-50mm (1-2") Minus Drain Rock

  • 50-75mm (2-3") Minus Drain Rock

  • 25mm (1") Road Crush - MOT WGB Spec

  • 75mm (3") Road Crush - MOT WGB Spec

  • Hydro Rock

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